February 24, 2014

Finally finished!!!

  Do you remember my unfinished necklace from the A Time to Stitch Challenge? For the netted base I've used the "Round and Round Collar" pattern from Marcia DeCoster's book Beads in Motion.

  Well, I've just finished it, finally!!! I was so hurrying to take the pictures before the sun went down to show it here today, that the pictures are not perfect.
  The first part of the necklace was done quite quickly, but the second part needed much more time. The main problem was that I don't have a lot of practice in bezeling a cabochon (it was only my second attempt) and the shape was particularly challenging for me. In fact it was much easier to make the cabochon from polymer clay than bezeling it. 

  The first try was a failure ... but the second one was just right (I would exaggerate a little saying perfect)!!!

  I had anther idea flowing in my mind ... what if I make the focal detachable?? When you want the necklace to be a little less "important", you can wear it without the focal, but when you want a statement piece, you put the focal on ... 
  Why I have to complicate a simple thing?? Wasn't it hard enough to bezel that cabochon?? Apparently not and I've found a perfect system to make the focal invisibly detachable :-)  Happy, happy, happy!!! 

  Here's the first option - without the focal: 

   And here's the secon one - with the focal: 

Khm, khm, I've seen that little flaw ... or better two of them :-$ ... it seems I can not count to three each and every time ... 

   Anyway ... I really love it!!!
  And now just leave a comment to tell me what do you think ...

 Be happy,

February 21, 2014

Valentine's Swap / Valentinov swap

  For the 9th swap at the FB International Polymer Clay Swaps group the theme was Valentine - hearts, flowers, pink, red ... anything that says Valentine's to you and your swap partner!

  My partner this time was Laura Reed from Missoula (Montana, USA). I've found out that we have quite a lot in common (speaking about preferences) and we both love red (favorite color).

  Valentine ... hearts and flowers. That was my first association and also the final result.
This is what I've made for Laura:

 - a red heart pendant (buffed to a high shine):

 - flower twinchie:

- and I've included also one of my faux glass beads:

 Here is all together:


  Laura sent to me a beautiful heart and love twinchie ... and I'm still trying to figure out how she created it!!! First I thought she has used a stamp, but only then I've seen it was all hand work ... Such detailed work!! It looks big on the picture, but the whole twinchie is only 2 inchies (2,5 cm) wide.

  She went a little outside the box and included a polymer clay covered pen. It is so smooth and just perfect to write with!! It's already my favorite pen! :-)

  All together:

  Thank you, Laura, for being my partner in this swap - I'm really happy with what I have received from you!!!

Be happy,

February 9, 2014

8th Bead Soup Blog Party Sign Ups are Today!

  It's finally that time of year again - the sign ups for the best party of the year: the 8th Bead Soup Blog Party.  

  I've alredy signed up - have you? If you would like to know more about this event and sign up - just go here. The sign ups are today only (Eastern standard time), so hurry up!!!

  It will be my third time participating and I can't wait to know who my partner will be this year - the partners will be announced on February 28th, my birthday.

Be happy,