January 10, 2015

A Time To Stitch 6 - Reveal

  It's time for the reveal of the 6th beadweaving challenge A Time to Stitch, hosted by Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller. I love their challenges and I always learn a lot!!
  This time we had to use a graphed chart, Word chart or Picture chart using peyote, square, RAW or brich stitches.

While searching for interesting patterns I've found this one by Lariata on Etsy:

  A two drop even count poyote - it looked just right for my project!!! The colors I've chosen are a little different than the ones on the pattern, but I've followed the chart exactly. Oh, I've needed to undo several rows more than once ... and I've found out it's rather addictive!!! Here it is (a little shorter than in the original pattern, but it's enough long for my wrist):


 Do you see a fish in there??
And I still need to find a perfect closure ... any ideas??

  Lesson one: In Slovenia the size measuring is in milimetres and it differs from brand to brand. I've used 2,2 mm Miyuki Rocailles from two different manufacturers (it's difficult to get all that colors from one only) and I've found they are not exactly the same size - the reult is a slightly wonky bracelet.

  Lesson two: Miyuki Rocailles by Rayher are not so even ...

  I didn't have enough, had to do more. So I've found this free pattern online - a three count peyote:

This one also needs a closure ...

  My sister asked me if I could make her something to cover a stain on her T-shirt and the Desert Rose tutorial by Eridhan Creations, Therese and Christine used on the badge for this challenge just spoke to me, so I purchased it.
  It took me much more time to make that I thought it would, I've broken 4 needles making it and I've finished it just yesterday evening before going to bed. Well, more exactly almost finished - there's the last row I need to do ... I've used all Miyuki Rocailles, because had no Delicas of the right size and color in my stash.

  Lesson three: No matter how I try to, I can not find the perfect match for the 11/o, 15/o, 8/o beads in mm sizes ... The online converters differs one from another and I can only guess which one is the most accurate. However, there are only 1.5 mm, 2.2 mm, 2.6 mm and 4.0 mm beads available in our shops ... so there is only one possible conversion, even if it's not the right one ...

Well, thank you ladies for this interesting challenge and can't wait the next one :-)

Let's now see what the other participants have made - here's the list:

Be(ad) happy!!!

January 2, 2015

2015 --> Happy New Year!!! / Srečno novo leto!!!

To all my virtual and personal friends I would like to wish a 
New Year 2015!!!

Vsem mojim virtualnim in osebnim prijateljem in prijateljicam želim
novo leto 2015!!!