August 17, 2014

Plans, oh plans ...

I was waiting so hardly for this year's vacation, I was really exhausted. My plans were to dedicate my time to my family and creating. There were so many "Work in progress" projects waiting for same spare time and creative energy. 

Plans, right!

In the meantime I've started to read a book I've received for my birthday a few years ago and .... 

... after three weeks this was the result:

Here are the original titles (I've read the Slovenian or Italian translations). 
From top:
- Cecilia Ahern: Thanks for the Memories
- John Green: The Fault in Our Stars
- Chris Carter: One by One 
- Gillian Flynn: Gone Girl
- C. M. Palov: Ark of Fire - The Templar's Code
- Rebecca Donovan: The Breathing Series (Trilogy):
                                      + Reason to Breathe
                                      + Barely Breathing
                                      + Out of Breath

No need to say the unfinished jewelry project remained so!!

Be happy,