November 24, 2013

I have finally finished ... / Pa sem le dokončala ....

  ... my "Leaf in the wind" necklace.
... ogrlico, ki sem jo poimenovala "List v vetru".

After several diferent ideas that came on my mind, I've chosen a simple button closure. The polymer clay button is made using the same surface treatment as the leaf pendant.
Po poigravanju z različnimi možnostmi in idejami, sem se odločila za enostavno zapiranje na gumb, ki sem ga izdelala iz polimerne mase z enako površinsko obledavo kot obesek.

And - I'm so happy to announce that this pendant was featured in the November issue of Bead Chat magazine (on page 27)!!! I submitted the picture the last minute and I wasn't sure it will be accepted.
In - z velikim veseljem lahko povem, da je ta obesek/ogrlica objavljen v novembrski številki revije Bead Chat!!! Fotografijo sem poslala zadnji trenutek, tako da nisem bila prepričana, če bo objavljena - a je bila - poglejte na stran 27!!!

  This is the very first feature of a piece of jewelry made by me in a magazine and I'm soooo happy, I can't explain how!!! ***Happy dance*** 
 To je moja čisto prva objava v reviji, ki se ukvarja z nakitom in sem takoooo vesela, da ne morem razložiti!!! ***juppi-juppi-jaaaa***

  The Leave in the wind necklace will be available in my etsy shop later tonight. Oh, yes, I'm fnally opening my Etsy shop!
  Ogrlica bo kasneje zvečer na razpolago v moji Etsy trgovinici. Tako je, končno odpiram svojo Etsy trgovinico!

  Be happy,
Bodite veseli,


November 21, 2013

Meow ... / Mjau ...

  Look what I have received today!!!!
   Poglejte, kaj sem pa jaz danes dobila po pošti!!!

  The cuttiest Blue Mudd ceramic cat, sent to me by Rita of Toltec Jewels for participating in her Octoberfest 2013 challenge. Thank you, Rita, you are so generous!!!
  Najbolj simpatičnega keramičnega Blue Mudd mucka, ki mi ga je poslala Rita od Toltec Jewels kot zahvalo za sodelovanje v njenem Octoberfest 2013 izzivu. Rita, najlepša hvala!!!

  Love it! 
  Ful je simpatičen!

  In fact it reminds me of our cat. Well, it's not really our cat ... it's like he has adopted us. Since our kitty died, he started to come to our house and now he's just all day and night around.
   Pravzaprav me spominja na našega mačka. No, ta maček ni ravno naš ... lahko bi rekla, da nas je posvojil. Odkar je naša maca poginila, je začel hoditi k naši hiši in zdaj je kar tukaj pri nas.

Be happy,
Bodite veseli,

November 15, 2013

Art Charm Exchange 2013 Reveal and Auction!!!

  It's finally time for the reveal of all the art charms made by 38 participants for the 2013 Art Charm Exchange benefiting Beads of Courage and hosted by Jennifer Cameron of Glass Addictions.

  Let me give you some information about the event, first. Each participant had to make 10 charms +1 (total of 11 charms). The theme for this charm swap was “love”. It didn’t have to say the word love or have a heart, it just needed to represent something that means love to us.

 Every participant has received one of her own charms back, plus 9 charms of the other participants, randomly chosen by Jennifer. 

   The extra charm (the +1) of each participant is auctioned to benefit Beads of Courage - starting from today!!! 

  All the ideas that came to my mind when thinking about what to do, were heart shaped, so I had no choice, but creating a heart. a little bit of gold, a little bit of red and a little bit of shine ... here's my art charm (made from polymer clay with a swarovski crystal):

  I've named the charms FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART - Love has the magic to find the shining in every human being ... When you let the outer shell of your heart open, there's the shining inner part that gives and accepts love unconditionally.


  Do you want to see what was in the package I've received back? I'm sure you do, so let me show you! I'll let the pictures speak by themselves. 

  At the bottom of this post you can find the list of the blogs of all the participants and learn more about the creative process or meaning of each charm. I just can't wait to see all the others I've not received!!!


 And NOW just go HERE and bid!!! These charms make GREAT gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, hostesses, birthdays, etc.

The complete list of participants in this year's Art charm exchange is just below. 
Don't forget - you have the opportunity to own one or more of the charms you've seen here or on the other blogs and at the same time contribute for a very good cause - because every penny bid goes to Beads of Courage Programme for children with serious illness!!!

Caroline Dewison:

Charlene Bausinger Jacka:

Be happy and bid a lot!

November 8, 2013

So excited!!! / Tako vznemirjena!!!

  Tomorrow I'm off to Ljubljana for a weekend polymer clay workshop with Bettina Welker!!! It's the very first workshop I'm attending ever ... and I'm so excited!!!
  Jutri grem v Ljubljano na vikend delavnico z Bettino Welker!!! To je pravzaprav prva delavnica sploh, na kateri sodelujem ... in sem že sedaj tako vznemirjena!!!

  Have to bring with me 2 big beads - I've just finished them and put them in the oven. It's 9pm and I still have to pack my tools and my suitcase and ....  Oh, the last minute adrenalin!!!
  Vsaka udeleženka mora s seboj prinesti dve enaki perli/koščka - jaz sem svoja ravnokar končala in jih dala v pečico. Glede na to, da je ura že 9 zvečer in da moram še spakirati vso orodje in pripomočke ter osebne stvari in narediti še marsikaj .... Uh, ta adrenalin zadnje minute!!!

  So come back next week for a detailed report and pictures!!!  
  Za naslednji teden pa vam obljubim izčrpno poročilo in slikce!!!

  Be happy,
Bodite veseli, 

November 2, 2013

Art Charm Exchange - Update and Teaser

-->  If you are looking for the Octoberfest 2013 reveal, please go here.

  Jennifer Cameron of Glass Addictions is hosting the 2013 Art Charm Exchange benefiting Beads of Courage. I've participated last year and couldn't miss this year's event. 

  My art charms were sent out in time, but were delivered three working days after they should be, according to Slovenian Post delivery period and what I've paid for. Fortunately, Jen was so kind to wait two more days for them. 

  Jen already sorted all of the 500 (!!!) charms and sent them out to 38 participants from all over the United States, Canada, England, France and Slovenia (me) - as you can see on her blog post

  The ladies in the US already received their packages and they are already screaming and enjoying them, the others (including me) have to be patient and wait, wait, wait ... 

  However, this was only the first part of the event. The second, more important for the charity part, is going to happen on November 15th. All the participants will present on their blogs the charms they've created for this event and the auction to benefit Beads of Courage begins that day. 

  I want to give you a little teaser of what I've made - the theme was love and as you can see, my charms are a little gold, a little red, a little shiny .... but you'll have to come back on November 15th to see the clear picture:

  I'd like to finish with the words by Jen Cameron, the hostess and soul of this event:
Last year we raised $600 for Beads of Courage! I would love to raise $1000 this year…. These charms make GREAT gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, hostesses, birthdays, etc. So please save your pennies, and mark the date on your calendar and bid often and bid high. You get art charms, and every penny bid goes to the kids who get Beads of Courage strands.

  See you on November 15th!!!

Be happy,