July 29, 2012

#18 to #21/52 Earrings

  It's been a while from my last post and during these weeks I was able to produce only some half-finished posts that were never published. My brain was overloaded and needed a break, I guess. After a one-week vacation on the island of Rab (Croatia) without any computer nor mail nor internet distraction, I'm finally writting again. I'll try to summarize in the next few posts during the next days most of the "lost posts".

  During last weeks I was mostly hooked on the books, again - when I start I can't let go. That means 200-250 pages a day, day after day... It's a kind of "a return to my teenage years" when I used to read until late at night, in my bed with the support of my night light. At that time I read mostly detective stories (like Agatha Christie or Victoria Holt and many others) and romance books, but I specially liked the ones that intensively and accuratedly described the emotions (of any kind) of and between the characters. Don't need to mention that the books for the school's compulsory reading list were not included :-P

  However, let's go back to my earrings of the 52 earrings a year challenge - the last ones that I posted here were #17/52 (week 24) and I created and posted on Flickr more of them. So let's glance through them with a word or two about the inspiration.

  #18/52 EARRINGS (week 25; theme of the week: the half)
The most obvious interpretation of a HALF would probably be to take a geometric shape, cut it in half and make two earrings from the halves. I was not really thrilled about this idea as I made that kind of earrings before, so I tried to find a diferent interpretation ... when the fractions came to my mind. Well, I always liked Maths at school and I gave a lot of Maths lessons during the college period ... 
  Unfortunately, one "one" broke during assembling and I was left with the half of the half. Maybe I will make another "one" to replace the broken part or I will just leave it as single earring - it's quite long and it can be worn like that.

#19/52 EARRINGS (week 26)
  It was the week when I was making the Bead soup for Amy (I'm participating at the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party, remember?) and I was thinking about including also a little gift for her. Then I thought: why not killing two birds with one stone??!! (I really don't like this idiom, in Slovenian it's about flies). 
  The inspiratin was the elder flower and I wanted to make it sparkling ... Amy says she likes them, so I'm very happy :-)

#20/52 EARRINGS (week 27; theme of the week: favourite colour)
  If you take a look at my Flickr photostream it's more that obvious what my favourite colours are, so it was quite obvious also my choice for this week's theme. I opted for a mother-of-pearl leafs and freshwater pearls, no polymer clay this time.

#21/52 EARRINGS (week 27; to catch up the current week)
  As I've mentioned before I joined the challenge 52 earrings quite late - my 1st week was the the 13th of the challenge. I'm catching up the missed 12 weeks making one more pair a week when I manage to and this is one of them. These fishes were made from polymer clay quite some time ago, but waited on my working bench to be painted and assembled with wire. On week 27 I've finally managed to finish them (although the picture is all but good).

  I've missed the last two or three weeks of the challenge (have to check!) and today is the last day of the week 30, so I'm still 9 earrings short!!!

  Hope to be more productive this summer while still on vacation, but at home. However, I have also two important challenges this summer: on August 11th the reveal of the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party and on August 15th the final date to send out the Window ornament swap piece... but more about it in one of my next posts ....

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