October 28, 2012

Solar Flare Blog Hop

  In September Sam from Ultimate Supplies decided to start a new blog with a blog hop. He took this gorgeous photo during a sunset and based the challenge around it: the participants needed to create a unique piece of jewelry inspired by it:

  As these are totally my colours I decided immediately to join. At the time when I was thinking about what to make a package with some supplies I've ordered before arrived. When I was sorting the materials I was hooked by these marmorine drop perles and the twin beads in a similar colour. I added some of the amethist Miyuki beads and here is the pair of earrings I made:

It's the first time I'm using the twin-beads and the pattern would need some more improvements, but I think the marmorine effect recalls the colours of the sunsets and specially the solar flare quite well.

  Thank you for visiting and please check the creations of the other participants:

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Alenka Obid  <-- you are here

  Happy hoping!


Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Alenka,
Your earrings are gorgeous and represent the photo well. I said it before and will say it again you are a natural born bead weaver your work is awesome.

Alicia said...

Oh, Alenka, that's such a pretty pair of earrings! Love it to bits: you captured the colours of the sunset perfectly!

Cynthia said...

Just perfect, you did a great job.