April 20, 2013

2nd Annual Spring Fling Kit Challenge Reveal

  A project which started for me last summer, is finally at the peak moment - the reveal. In fact the most interesting part for me is not to show what I have made, but to see what other artists have created with my dragonfly focal and the coordinated beads chosen by my friend and the hostess of this blog hop Amy.

The Spring Fling Kit

  I have to admit it was not so easy for me to make a necklace with these beads, even if the focal was created by me. I wanted to make something special, but I just kept looking at the kit ... waiting in vane for a lightbulb to appear.
  Well, from last Saturday something did appear in front of my left eye and did not leave from then. Because of bleeding related to vitreous detachment some kind of sand and thread-like particles are constantly dancing in front of my eye (to be more exact, they are dancing inside my eye's vitreous, but I see them as they are in front of it). There should have been a mistake in processing my wishes as I'm 100% sure that that was not the lightbulb I wanted!!! :-$

  Let's go back to the reveal!
  I've finally decided I want to bezel the focal using peyote stitch. It was my very first time bezeling so all beaders, please be indulgent ...

 For my eye situation I was not able to beadweave the other part of the necklace, so I opted for stringing. Simple, right? Not at all!!! This is (at least) the seventh variation and now I finaly think it's kind of working ... 

  ... in fact I like it ... :-D

  Thank you Amy for this opportunity to collaborate with you in this project. It was great and I've had a really good time. And the best part is still waiting for me - going to see what the other participants have made:

Amy • Amybeads
Maryanne • Zingala's Workshop
Therese • Therese's Treasures
Tanya • A Work in Progress
Kepi • A Little of This, A Little of That
Beti •Stringing Fool
Dolores • Crafty D's Creations
Jenny • Wonder and Whimsy
Cynthia • Created Treasures
Mowse • Mowse Made This
Carolyn • Carolyn's Creations

Be happy!


Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Alenka,
Just let me start by saying you did an amazing job on the peyote bezel. The end result of the pendant and necklace is gorgeous. I enjoyed working with your dragonfly.

Christine Altmiller said...

for a first time bezeler, you sure look like a pro! great work, Alenka~this necklace is beautiful!

Beti Horvath said...

I would not have thought this was your first time bead weaving! the whole necklace is fabulous!

Tanya said...

It's gorgeous. I love how you used lighter colors on the bezel. It makes the pendant look like a dragonfly flying through the air. Thank you for making the pendants for all of us. It was a great challenge.

Kepi said...

Beautiful, the simplicity of your design is absolutely perfect, beautiful! Thank you for making the gorgeous pendant!

Cynthia said...

Wow first time with doing a bezel? It came out beautifully. Thank you for making those adorable dragonfly pendants.

Amy S. said...

Alenka - I have so much to say! Earlier this week I meant to comment to you personally that I am sorry you were struggling physically. Your eyes are important to your craft so that must have been really hard!!!! When I got onto your post I thought to myself - has she ever done a peyote bezel - it's amazing! And then I read your post and saw that it was your first time - - - so WOW - is there anything you can't do, when you give it a try!?!?! :) Anyway - it's just beautiful. It was wonderful to collaborate with you!!!!!

Dolores Raml said...

Wow, this is gorgeous, love your you added the beadwork to your pendant. Thank you for creating such a beautiful pendant to work with.

anafiassa said...

Oh, you did such a lovely job! The necklace is beautiful! I am incredibly impressed by your bezel; I would have never, ever guessed that it was your first time doing so!

I am so sorry to hear about your eye situation... I actually understand where you're coming from, because I have had eye issues in the past. And, honestly, my experience makes me even more impressed that you have been able to make something so lovely. Wonderful, wonderful job! :D

AntiquityTravelers said...

So sorry to hear about your eye condition! I hope there is something the doctor can do?

Your piece is beautiful! and I just love the focal you made for this challenge!

gite said...

Hi Alenka
you did an amazing job! Respect.
Its looking great!

Hope it is going soon better with your eye

Hugs Gite

Dawn Doucette said...

Alenka, I love the focals you created. They are absolutely beautiful!

Great to connect with you through Amy's blog. Look forward to seeing more of your work!

ShadeTree Studio ( http://www.shadetreejewelry.com/blog.html ) said...

Your work is lovely and has great charm:)Marion

Dolores Raml said...

I'm not sure where you got my blog address from for this blog hop but it isn't the right one. I wondered why noone commented on my necklace.