April 14, 2013

And the Winners are ....

  It's time to draw the winners of my giveaway. There are all international participants, so I'll write in English only.

  Thirteen (13) nice people left a comment under the post and three (3) will win one of the prizes. Have I already told you that 13 is one of my lucky numbers? Well, it is.
  I'm so happy to see some new names and some already known as well. Thank you for letting me know this way you like my work.

  Let me remind you the procedure:
  The prizes are:
A - a mix of polymer clay beads handnade by me
B - a little owl
C - a secret gift

The first winner will have the opportunity to choose between all the prizes,
the second winner will choose between the two prizes left
and the third winner will receive the last prize.

  I have a problem with my left eye, so I'll make it short. I wanted to do it "the old way" this time (no random number generator):


  Drums, please!!!


The first winner is:


The second winner is:


And the THIRD winner is:

I'll contact you by e-mail for your choices and addresses!

Be happy,

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