May 15, 2013

A Time to Stitch 3 - Reveal!

If you are looking for the reveal of the Bead Soup Blog Party, please go here!


  Hello, it's finally time for the reveal of this bead-weaving challenge organized by Christine Altmiller and Therese Frank. It's my second time participating in their challenge and it is always so fun.

 This time we had to pick one flat stitch between Square stitch and Brick stitch, and one spiral stitch - choosing between Cellini spiral, Russian spiral and African Helix. I have to say I've never tried ANY of these stitches before, so it was my very first time for all of them.


  I've decided to start with the Square stitch as I've just brought home some cube beads. As for the pattern I've drawn some waves in two colors. After 15-20 rows I was a little disappointed as the cube beads were not the same size and not perfect and I was not sure if continue or not. Well, this last week I've started to kind a like the way they look and I've finally finished it. And I've noticed that the waves actually form the letter N.


  My first pick for spiral stitch was Cellini. I started to follow the tutorial word by word, moment by moment, but met some problems and had to undo the first rows three to four times. It was just a mess!!! Then I've said to myself: "Ok, let's use the logic!" When I've started to look at the logic of the pattern while stitching and not just following the instructions ... eureka! That was it! From the fourth-fifth row on it was just as meditating, I've found it very easy to continue without instructions.

   This is the work in progress - I still need to make some polymer clay parts/components to finish it .. and that means you'll have to come back next week to see the finished piece. 


  The next try for me was African Helix. The main problem with this stitch for me is the tension of the thread. Even if the tension is right the beads tend to slide from their optimal position, just as the bead holes were too large ... 
  I've made a very simple bracelet this time, just following the instructions of the tutorial.


  And then finally the Russian spiral. I've used a knitting needle for the support and at the beginning I had to keep the thread tight with my left hand, but I've enjoyed very much stitching. You stitch 4 beads at a time (1 4-mm and 3 seed beads) so it proceeds very quickly. When I was starting to imagine in my mind the final necklace design, I've run out of these seed beads. The ones I have in my stash are just slightly darker - and I didn't notice that before. So I can show you now just another work in progress that will be finished next week, when I receive the right beads.


  I didn't have time for the brick stitch, but I will certainly try it after I finish these pieces.

  That's it for me, but now you should visit the blogs of the other participants - I can't wait to see what have they made (well, they are much more proficient than me)!!!

Happy hopping!


Shirley Moore said...

Wow Pepita, you did a wonderful job with the stitches! I really like the brick stitch, and love the 'N's. :)
I know what you mean about the cellini, and your colors are stunning! Now I'm glad I didn't try the African helix, that would have driven me nuts.
Great job!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love that cuff! And the cellini, and all of them! Beautiful work!

AntiquityTravelers said...

OMG ... I am in awe of how easily you take to these bead stitches! that is your first ever Cellini? it looks like a pro did that one! and I love the contrasting light dark in your colors - it makes the spiral stand out! wow.

And African Helix too? wow. just wow. Really beautifully done!

I love the Russian Spiral .. the colors are so soothing. This is going to be a gorgeous piece!

And the first one ... that is exactly what I saw .. the letter N - ha! I do really like it it, and love how you finished it with the slide clasp. You make it all look so easy!

kimmykats said...

Well I can say you are much more proficient than me! Very nice designs and can't wait to see your finished piece with the clay! Love the letter "N" too!

Katherine at Terra Beadworks said...

If these are your first try...then you are better at reading patterns than I seem to be. I love the bracelet with N's! I know about starting a project and running out of beads. Frustrating. Beautiful start to something wonderful.

Christine Altmiller said...

You are looking like a pro, even if you don't feel like one yet, Alenka! Wow! That square stitch is wonderful. I am amazed at how square beads can make curvy looking patterns. You did a great job with it! I love square. It can be slow, but I think it is fairly sturdy. Your spirals are fantastic! I love your choices for the Russian spiral. It has an elegance to it. It does work up surprisingly fast. And your African Helix is great! I need to work on mine more. You are inspiring me to finish it. Your Cellini is gorgeous! I found what you said to be is mediating. Even though it eats up a lot of time and beads, the rhythm of it is really soothing. Thanks for signing up for our Hop! Therese and I love having you in it:-)

Bobbie said...

Lovely work! The difference in the cube bead sizes gave the wave pattern a little extra undulation, which was nice for the effect. Your spirals are all very pretty - can't wait to see the Russian and Cellini completed. I have the same issues with African helix, when even the tightest thread tension can't always keep the beads snugly in place, but your bracelet looks great.

K said...

I'm renaming you St. Patience!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Alenka,
You have done an awesome job on all of your pieces and so far the only one that I have seen did a whole piece with the African Helix. I love your Cellini spiral it is gorgeous. and the Russian spiral just as gorgeous looking forward to seeing those two finished. My favorite is your square stitch bracelet fantastic job and your own design. Thank you so much for joining in on round 3 and I hope that you will join us for round 4.

BackstoryBeads said...

Your take on Russian spiral, using pearls is so elegant! And that Cellini spiral rope is one of my favorites - just the perfect combination of colors. I will definitely check back to see how you finish that one! Beautifully done!

Katie N-N said...

Nicely done! You've given me inspiration to try the Russian spiral - yours is so pretty.

Maryanne said...

I love your pieces. The cellini is beautiful!

Sally Russick said...

Beautiful work! The first bracelet has such a wonderful fluidity to it because of the slight size difference in the cubes it gives the bracelet dimension, which works perfectly with the pattern in the bracelet!

Amy S. said...

Alenka! I love what you've done here! The pattern on your square stitch is darling! and I am LOVING the cellini colors and bead sizes. It's coming out great. Takes FOREVER doesn't it!!?? haha!

Becky Pancake said...

Alenka your pieces are all gorgeous. I love your color choices in the Cellini and Russian spirals.