May 24, 2013

Pen & Twinchie Swap

  In April at the International Polymer Clay Swap FB group took place the fifth swap already, this time the swap items were polymer clay covered pens and twinchies. If you don't know what a twinchie is, here's an explanation I have summarized from our FB group invite: "a 2 inchies square tile (about 1/4 inch thick) and can be used like an actual ceramic tile in wall art, you can group them and also mount them on a canvas".

  My partner for this swap was Donna Ingram from Anniston (Alabama, USA). She says she's a Southern girl that lives a very simple life, she's married with 5 children and 11 grandchildren. Wow, 5 children! I have only two and it seems they are at least 10, sometimes.

Let's first see what I have made for her .
  Donna likes the light colors of spring, loves sports and animals, specially dogs. 

  That's why I've decided to use a combination of yellow, light green and orange with a little of white to cover the pen. First I was thinking about a chevron pattern, but I was not sure I can make it perfect, so I've decided for stripes. Well, there is a small part of chevron pattern indeed. For a more dimensional look I've added an additional stripe and a swarovski chrystal.

  For the twinchie I wanted to highlight her love for animals. She said her favorites are dogs, so I've made a cat, LOL. Well, let me explain. When our dog Tobi was still alive, he used to lie just near the cat when nobody was looking at him. In the same moment he noticed a human looking at him, he started to chase the cat. So, what's a dog without a cat!       

  I guess you want to see the picture of my pen & twinchie for Donna, right?

  The cat is black and white, but the background is coordinated with the pen. Do you see the shining of the cat's eyes? I've used the same swarovski as for the pen. 

And now let me show you what Donna made for me:

The pen is like a rainbow in the moonlight (I know this is not possible in the real life, but if it would be, I think it would look like that). And the twinchie is so colorful and happy! Thank you, Donna!


  There are already the sign ups for our sixth swap in the FB group - Fantasy Vessels and Twinchies. No need to say I'm not gonna miss this one :-)

  The sign ups and the deadline for sending out will be extended, so you're still welcome to join if you would like to. 

  Be happy!


ACBeads said...

Both of your creations are beautiful and cheerful. I really like that you've included an explanation about what a twinchie is - a completely new word to me. Have a nice weekend, Ana

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Dolores Raml said...

Love what you made for your partner and she made you a beautiful set also. I didn't realize there were twinchies. LOL

Donna Ingram said...


Thank you so much for the write up in your Blog and also for my beautiful swap Pen and Twinchie !! I will cherish them forever.