May 19, 2013

A Time to Stitch 3 - Update 1 (After Reveal)

If you are looking for the reveal of the Bead Soup Blog Party, please go here!


  The reveal for this challenge organized by Christine Altmiller and Therese Frank was a few days ago, but at that time I've had two still unfinished pieces, the Cellini spiral and the Russian spiral - as you can see here.

  Today I have finally finished the necklace with the Cellini spiral:

  The flower and the clasp are made from polymer clay - with a technique I've learned from the tutorial Cosmic Ceramic by Iris Mishly and Hila Bushari.  

The bead caps (for both ends of the Cellini spiral) and brown oval beads are also made from polymer clay.

  I'm quite proud of my first Cellini and these are the colors I wear very often, so I'll keep it for me :-D     However, I'll be more than happy to read your comments! 

  If you want to see the finished Russian spiral necklace, come back in a few days as I'm waiting for the seed beads to arrive...

  Be happy,


BackstoryBeads said...

Oooh, this is deliciously delightful! Love how you finished it, and if it were mine, I'd keep it too!!

Bobbie said...

Thank you for showing the finished necklace! I love how you combined your polymer work with the beadwork, and the Cellini is gorgeous!

SueBeads said...

That's gorgeous and your flower and clasp are fantastic!

LoriF said...

Pretty, Alenka! I like the idea of the polymer bead caps for the end, chunky spirals are always a tough one to end nicely.

K said...

Superb, simply superb.

Christine Altmiller said...

Oh My Goodness~this turned out Perfect and Gorgeous!!! I am blown away by this! If I made it, I would keep it too :-) Your weaving skills have certainly caught up to your wonderful polymer artistry.

Carolyn said...

Very pretty. I like what you have done with it.


Amy S. said...

Absolutely spectacular!!! I love this piece. Your technique is perfect, the flower is so pretty - however that clasp really caught my eye. I love the asymmetry of this necklace! The whole design is fantastic!!!!!