July 22, 2014

Key Chain and Twinchie Swap

  Another swap at the FB International Polymer Clay Swap group is concluded for me - and this time the packages had to go a looong way - from Slovenia to Australia and the other way, too.

  My partner in this swap was Penny Houghton of the Smelly Nelly blog. She "takes pleasure in making 'stuff' from anything she can lay her hands on". She loves walking through the forest discovering new bugs, plants and animals.
  We have many things in common - both have two little children, love the same colors and neither of us is very keen on pinks. We both love Twilight saga and crime too (she says you are never too old to love a good vampire saga and I agree completely) 

  But let's see what I've sent to Penny (click on the pictures to enlarge):

 - a key chain that is a part of my last series (you will certainly recognize the technique of my previous post):

 The lobster clasp can be removed and the donut can be used as a pendant. I love to make multipurpose items.

- the twinchie: I've used a slice I had left from Julie Picarello's workshop I took in April of this year:

 I have to say I'm very happy with how it turned out. The colors of the slice were just perfect for someone living in Australia - representing sea, land and desert ... 

  This is rally one of my favorite twinchies (& inchies included) that I've ever made - I've almost kept it for myself ... :-)

  The set:


And here is what I've received from Australia - that was a very generous package, all created by Penny: 

- a beautiful sugar sculls key chain:

 Penny also put my initials on the back of the white scull:

The sugar sculls are very popular in Australia, she says (and I know that also in both  Americas). In Slovenia we are not very familiar with sugar sculls and the notion of celebrating life with them as it's for South America and other cultures. However the ones mady by Penny are really really cute!!! I'm afraid to ruin them using them as a key chain, my handbag is always too full of almost anything you can imagine, so I preferred hanging it near my pc desk so I can treasure it and smile to it from time to time :-).

- the twinchie:

Front side

Beautiful colors!! And look at the back side, it's so interesting, too, just like an abstract painting:

Back side

  - and she also included a beadwoven sugar sculls bracelet:

Sorry for the picture, it's not really the best, but the little sculls are perfectly made!!

- and it's not finished, she also made this beautiful zentangle card with my name on:

Thank you, Penny, you really spoiled me :-D    
It was a great pleasure to be your partner in this swap!!!

Be happy,


Veralynne Malone said...

Awesome piecess! And if you all like Vampires....check out the trilogy by Deb Harkness...she has a following on fb and everything. I am in LOVE with the series.....much more adult vampire story...

AntiquityTravelers said...

so much fun! I love the twinchie swap you guys do! and your's is lovely as is the one you got from your partner. And love those sugar skulls - a favorite of mine :)

Christine Witton said...

And I know Penny and saw those skulls being made LOL!

Nelly May said...

Thank you so much Alenka. I love the beautiful things you made for me. It was a very fun swap!