August 25, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party - 3rd Reveal

  The 6th Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by Lori Anderson is just having its "grand finale", the 3rd and final reveal.
  You can find the complete list of participants and their creations here 

  Can you imagine that there were 400 participants from all over the world!!! And 3 from Slovenia amongst them: Kitty, Ana and me. Here's the map Lori made:

  I have to say I'm soo happy to have taken my courage in both hands as a total self-tought beginner in jewellery making and signed for the Bead Soup Blog Party for many reasons:

  - First (and I'm putting it on the first place not only because of the timeline, but for the importance it has for me), I met a wonderful person - a talented beadweaver and my partner in the bead soup party Amy Severino. We have so much in common and I'm sure our friendship will last. It's one of the things you just know. And maybe we can meet in person one day, America is not that far away ;-). We have just settle the timeline for a project in common, but I will keep it secret for some more time ...
  Well, it seems Lori has a special feeling (or intuition if you prefer) to match participants, because there are many of them that were paired with a similar soul - al least that's what I frequently read on the blogs;

  - Second, participating internationally was a huge motivation for my creativity and thinking "outside my confort zone", trying to push myself on the next level. My work was supposed to be seen all over the world and I did not want to disappoint Lori, Amy or any of the visitors of my blog reveal, and myself neither;

  - Third, it is a big platform for all the participants and their work;

  - Fourth, for me it was a big discovery of so many different techniques for making jewellery and materials used in many unusual ways. On several blogs my mouth remained open seeing such beauty and creativity!!! And I will absolutely try to learn some new techniques!

  - and maybe there are more things I'm not aware of in this moment.

  So, thank you Lori very much for your efforts and all the work you've done for this Bead Soup Blog Party! You're amazing!!

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