August 20, 2012

Flower power (#24/52 Earrings)

  I'm back! ... or better more regularly participating at the 52 earrings a year challenge. This is the 33 week of this year and the theme of the week was nothing else but FLOWER POWER.  
  My first idea was to use my millefiori flower canes (all the 3 of them), but then I came accros Elissa Powell's Translucent Chrysanthemum Cane© tutorial and a 25-watt light bulb appeared over my head ;-)

  For the cane I used white Premo, metallic perlmutt Fimo, transparent orange Fimo and some leftovers from a yellow-orange-red-white mokume gane. This is the result:

  It's a very simple cane to make, you can use your leftovers and the result is great, as you can see.

 The only problem I've had was the cracling of the white Premo. I like the snow white colour of Premo after curing and I had a half package left so I used it for the cane; I conditioned it well enough (about 20 times through the pasta machine on 4-5 different settings), just as other pieces, but after rolling the cane it begun to cracle ... I have to say I was quite dissapointed!!!

  Do any of you use Premo clay and do you have the same problems or it's just my package that was old?


  No, pa sem se le spet vrnila k rednemu sodelovanju v izzivu 52 earrings a year (52 uhanov na leto) z mojim 24. parom. Tema tekočega tedna je bila FLOWER POWER, zato sem seveda razmišljala "rožasto". Prva ideja je bila uporabiti (vse tri) moje cvetlične kačice, nato pa sem naletela na zelo zanimiv in preprost tutorial Elisse Powell Translucent Chrysantemum Cane© in žarnica nad mojo glavo je veselo zasvetila!

  Na zgornji sliki lahko vidite rezultat - uporabila pa sem bel Premo, metallic perlmutt Fimo, prozoren oranžen Fimo ter ostanke rumeno-oranžne-rdeče-bele mokume gane plahtice. Postopek je zelo enostaven, rezultat pa čudovit.

  Edino težavo, s katero sem se soočila pri zvijanju kačice, mi je povzročil bel Premo, ki je začel pokati. Glede na to, da sem ga vsaj 20-krat spustila skozi "pašta-mašino" na 4-5 različnih nastavitvah, se mi ne sanja, zakaj tako pokanje. Ni mi potrebno razlagati, da sem bila zeloooo razočarana in res ne vem, če ga bom še kupila ... čeprav mi je njegova snežno bela barva zelo všeč!!

 Imate kaj izkušenj s Premo? Se tudi vam dogaja enako ali je bil samo moj paketek star?   


A Polymer Penchant said...

Those are very pretty! I haven't seen that particular tutorial before but I love the process of chrysanthemum cane since it's so unstructured and that's how I prefer to cane. I have new and old white premo and I do find my older stuff to crackle up quite a bit beyond when I would expect it to be conditioned. Hasn't been an issue with the newer stuff I have (and by old I mean like 3-4 years)

Amy said...

This is a really pretty bead Alenka! I love these earrings!!!

Marian Hertzog said...

I like those earrings! I have had the white crack especially. I think it just gets old or dried out. I have added water to help soften it. You can also add liquid clay.

Anonymous said...

Love the earrings. I have never had that problem with Premo white clay....yet.

Shirley said...

Those are so pretty! I don't think I have any translucent, but I'd really like to try this!

Ginger Bishop said...

The earrings are great. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I'm sorry I don't work with Premo so I don't know what to tell you. This may be a terrible idea, but I was once told to use corn huskers lotion on my hands before I started with clay to keep the colors from transferring as I hand conditioned different colors. I notice I have a lot less cracking when I do that.

AntiquityTravelers said...

Those are so pretty!