November 24, 2012

My Unicorn has Landed in his new Home

  It's been quite a while since I've participated in the Journal Cover Swap - a one to one swap in your favourite technique. My swap partner was Byrd Tetzlaff and I have witten about the journal cover I received from her here. Yes, it was almost a month ago!!!

  My package for Byrd most probably took a trip around the globe before finally landind in US as it needed THREE WHOLE WEEKS to arrive to her!!! Usually my mail to US needed 1 week exactly. This time I was really worried that it has been lost or stolen and I was already thinking about making a new one and send it to Byrd by registered mail.

  However, after three weeks I have received the good new from Byrd that the package has finally safe and sound at her place.

 Before I show you the final result let me first tell you a little bit about the process in creating it. 

  First, I had to decide on the subject of the cover. Byrd and I had a little chat about our preferences. She said she likes just anything, from canning to textures. She likes whimsy and fairy-tale stuff, textures and abstracts. Well, I've decided for a fairy tale figure with wings. A fairy seemed quite difficult, because I'd have to create a human face, so a Unicorn came to my mind as it was also a figure in Slovenian fairy tales.

  Second, I had to choose the technique. It was supposed to be a favourite one, but I still don't have one, I'm still learning. I tried with little canes, first, but didn't like the result very much. The second attempt was with thin extruded polymer "cords":

Thin slices were cut from the "cord":

and then pressed on a white sheet of polymer clay:

This is the finished Unicorn:

drawing source

The unicorn was cut out and placed on the flat cover, then the wing were cut out and added. I tried several techniques for the background, but nothing worked, so I've decided to use acrylic paints and make a "skinner blend - like" background with sunrise (or sunset) colours and visible texture:

  There was still something missing, but I didn't know what. After a short consult with Kitty the journal cover was finally finished. She told me that her painting teacheres always emphasised that a picture needs a frame - and so I' did:

  I'm so sorry for the quality of the picture, but I took it late at night under a lamp, hurrying to finish and package it, to send it the next day. At that time I didn't have the energy to create the proper conditions to make a good picture.

  So, my Unicorn has a new home, now, with Byrd in the US.

  Believe in miracles!


Becky Pancake said...

Outstanding!! This is a beautiful journal cover. I like your technique.

KatersAcres said...