March 27, 2013

BSBP7 - Bead Soup for Me

  Monday it was Christmas in March for me!!! All was freezing outside and I received two long expected packages ... [*happydance*]
  The first was from my friend Amy with the kit for the 2nd Annual Spring fling Kit Challenge - with my focal (more about this at a later date).
  And the second was from my BSBP partner Birgit from GitesBeads (if you want to know more about BSBP you can have all the information here). The package from Gite was really heavy and I was wondering what kind of beads do weight so much ...

  But let's the pictures speak for me - here are the beauties Gite sent to me:

She said that the bead soup for me started with the clasp by Pajego Art House:

Then she started to beadweave using the beads in the colours of the clasp - light yellow crocheted Cellinis, Mini & Midi beaded beads, ruffled rings and beaded links:

The lampwork pieces were made by German lampworkers and Gite added also some other glass beads and faceted rondelles:

The pendant is an embroidery piece - she used tiny tiny beads to make it, they are so tiny I can barely see them and can't imagine to stitch them without a magnifier ... Isn't it gorgeous??!!!

And for the end some tibetan silver spacers, beads, links and a clasp:

However, this is only the bead soup part - she spoiled me with a lot of extras. Well, me and my boys, because she sent:
- two chocolate bunnies and a popping magic dust for the bath for my kids,
- Lindt pralines and bubble bath coins for me.

No need to tell that all the sweeties disappeared in less than 2 minutes ... so I can show you only an empty box ;-D 

 Gite, thank you very much!!! This will be a great challenge for me to make some nice pieces, it's all so different from my usual style, but I love it!!! Quite a lot of ideas are flowing in my mind right now, but I'll let them "cook" and mature a little bit.

Our reveal is on April 13 - so you'll be more than welcome to come back then and see the results of my "cooking strategies and recipes".

Be happy,


LisaS said...

Interesting color and selection! I look forward to seeing the finished design ;)

CraftyHope said...

Wow, that focal is really amazing. I can tell she put a lot of thought and time into what she sent. You've got some really beautiful soup. I know you'll create something fabulous.=!

Jennifer Cameron said...

I adore the palette of your soup. That should be really fun to design with and I look forward to seeing what you create with it.

Thanks so much for stopping by my BSBP reveal today!