March 31, 2013

BSBP7 - Finally delivered!!! and 1st Reveal

  Oh, finally!!! My bead soup for Birgit Klughardt of GitesBeads was safely delivered to her!!! The second one really. I was getting really nervous as the first bead soup got lost and the second one was supposed to be delivered in two days, but it took five days to arrive. As she'd been living in Amazonia somewhere and not in the capital of Germany ... !!!

  Now I can finally share with you what I have sent to Gite.

  She is a beadweaver, so I made two focals that can be beadweaved and some other beads from polymer clay that are bigger than the ones she's used to. This is my challenge for her.

  The first bead soup I sent her and that got lost (more about its disappearance here):

    When I've realized that it would never be delivered I tried to recreate a similar one. This is the second bead soup I sent her that arrived safely at the destination:

    The picture is not the best one, but I took it hurrying to the post office ...
  Can't wait to see what will Gite create with it! Gite, enjoy your soup!!!

  To see what Gite and I will create with our soups come back for the third reveal on April 13.


  And now you can take a look at the first reval of the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party - and see what 161 out of 541 participants from all over the world have cooked and served!

  Be happy,


Shirley Moore said...

They are both beautiful soups! I'm so glad she finally gets to play with it. It will really be a wonderful design.

Lutka And Co. said...

Oh, I am so glad she got your soup! Looking forward to seeing what you both make :)

gite said...

yeah, I am now a lucky one :-))
I got today also a letter to fill up for the research. I am hoping hardly that you will get the first soup back
Greets from Berlin Gite
*starting to play with your soup now*